Bank Advisory Services

The Bank Advisory Services offered by Valletta Legal primarily consists in the provision of legal advice to Credit Institutions in the performance of their core services and with respect to the day to day activities. We also offer consultancy services in relation to other more specialised matters of interest to Banks and other Financial Institutions. These may be categorised under the following titles:

Advances and Retainer Consultancy Services:

Valletta Legal assists Credit and Financial Institutions in the compilation and review of their standard form documentation and manuals to ensure that such documentation and processes are robust and up to date from a legal and compliance aspect. In this manner our clients can ensure that they are up to date with their regulatory compliance obligations. Our lawyers are also sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced to competently advise Bank officers, should legal guidance be required in the performance of their day to day affairs.

Property Conveyancing & Real Estate Financing

As part of the advances portfolio, Banks typically offer Real Estate Financing and are thus on a regular basis involved in immovable property conveyancing, thus requiring an array of legal and consultancy services. Our Bank Advisory Services department at Valletta Legal assists Banks and other organisations involved in this line of business by performing a thorough examination of clients’ hypothecary obligations, property titles, legal documents, public registry searches and contracts to ensure that each property transaction proceeds smoothly, is legally binding on all parties and ensures that our clients’ interests are fully safeguarded and the risk exposure of the Bank is kept at the minimum level acceptable to the client.

Additional to this, we competently assist and/or represent Credit Institutions on public deeds and other agreements, offering the Bank peace of mind that Valletta Legal will ascertain that all matters proceed smoothly and that the executed deeds are in accordance with the Bank’s standards and with the due level of diligence required. 

Clients seeking certainty that public deeds have been properly executed and registered with the respective governmental authorities are encouraged to engage Valletta Legal to perform a study of the contractual documentation and ascertain that security and title to the property are in order.

Related services

Other related services offered by Valletta Legal include, Succession Related Services, Pre Litigation Studies and Regulatory and Compliance advisory services. 

Our extensive experience, coupled with our understanding of the importance of precision, diligence and efficiency, gives our clients the confidence required to entrust Valletta Legal with assistance and representation in such contracts, which by their very nature are of a large monetary value.

Property Conveyancing and Vetting

When it comes to legal assistance in real estate contracts, Valletta Legal enjoys extensive experience in assisting, representing and guiding clients, whether they are buying, selling or financing the purchase of a property in Malta. 

Our sizable experience in this industry, coupled with our understanding of the importance of precision, diligence and efficiency, gives our clients the confidence required to entrust Valletta Legal with assistance and representation in such contracts, which by their very nature are of a large monetary value and could represent a substantial risk for the client.

Vetting and Conveyancing Explained

Vetting and conveyancing are essential steps in the process of buying or selling property in Malta. This process commences from the negotiation and signing off of the Promise of Sale Agreement (konvenju), the examination of the root of title and the Judicial and Hypothecary position of the parties, until the final signing and registration of the deed of sale.  They involve the thorough examination of property titles, legal documents, and contracts to ensure that a property transaction proceeds smoothly and is legally binding on all parties once it is executed and registered in the Maltese registries.

Why Choose Vetting and Conveyancing Services?

Contractual Certainty:

By their nature, property contracts carry a high level of responsibility and large value. Whether you are buying your residence, making an investment, financing the purchase of or selling an immovable property, it is critical that you start off the process with a robust Promise of Sale agreement. This will ensure that your rights and interest are adequately safeguarded and you will enjoy certainty that in the event of a problem, you can seek judicial remedy and enforce your contractual rights.

Legal Compliance:

Vetting and conveyancing services are essential to ensure that a property transaction complies with all applicable laws and regulations, safeguarding your rights and investments.

Risk Mitigation:

By conducting due diligence, you can identify and address potential issues or disputes before they become major problems, reducing the risk of legal complications down the road.

Peace of Mind:

With professionals handling the vetting and conveyancing process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transaction is in expert hands.

Our Vetting and Conveyancing Services

At Valletta Legal , we offer a comprehensive range of vetting and conveyancing services, including:

Title Searches:

We conduct thorough title searches to verify property ownership and legal status, ensuring that you are buying or selling a property with a clear and clean title.

Contract Review:

Our lawyers review and draft contracts, including purchase agreements, leases, and sale contracts, to protect your interests and ensure that they align with your intentions and legal rights.

Due Diligence:

We perform comprehensive due diligence, examining property documents, permits, zoning regulations, and any potential encumbrances that may affect your property transaction.

Legal Advice:

Our team of experienced lawyers provides expert guidance and advice throughout the vetting and conveyancing process, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

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Whether you are buying, selling, or financing the purchase of property in Malta, Valletta Legal is your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless and legally sound transaction.