Succession law in Malta is a complex and multifaceted legal landscape that governs the transfer of assets and the inheritance of property upon an individual’s passing. While many individuals would prefer a smooth and amicable distribution of assets to their heirs, disputes can often arise, making it necessary to seek expert legal guidance. At Valletta Legal, we specialize in assisting clients with resolving succession law disputes in Malta, ensuring that their interests are protected and disputes are resolved in a fair and equitable manner.

Understanding Succession Law in Malta

Succession law in Malta primarily focuses on:

Testate and Intestate Succession:

Testate Succession: When an individual passes away with a legally valid will, the distribution of their assets is determined by the provisions outlined in the will.

Intestate Succession: When an individual passes away without a valid will, the distribution of assets is governed by specific legal rules.

Inheritance Disputes:

These disputes may arise due to disagreements among heirs, challenges to the validity of a will, or concerns regarding asset distribution.

Estate Administration:

Managing the estate of a deceased loved one, including settling debts, liquidating and dividing the estate, transferring assets, and addressing tax obligations.

Estate Administration:

Carrying out searches to locate and identify assets held in Malta, which can be crucial for a fair distribution of assets among heirs.

How Valletta Legal Can Assist

Our law firm specializes in offering comprehensive legal assistance in matters related to succession law in Malta, with a particular focus on resolving disputes. Our services include:

Expert Legal Advice:

Our experienced lawyers provide expert guidance on all aspects of succession law, helping clients understand their rights and obligations both in claiming their share of the estate of a deceased and in drawing up a will to serve their particular circumstances.

We can also offer advice regarding the setting up of a trust in the case of particular circumstances, such as the case where the beneficiary requires lifetime care or is disabled,  and we can also draft the relative trust deed.


We employ alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation to amicably resolve conflicts whenever possible, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

Litigation Support:

When disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, our skilled litigators will represent your interests in court, working diligently to achieve a favorable outcome.

In the case of cross-border successions within the context of the European Union, we can assist in the drawing up of a Certificate of Succession which is in conformity with EU regulations

Why Choose Valletta Legal?


Our legal professionals possess extensive knowledge of Maltese succession law, ensuring that our clients receive accurate and up-to-date advice.

Personalized Service:

We understand that each client’s situation is unique, and we tailor our services to address specific needs and concerns.


At Valletta Legal, we are dedicated to serving our clients with integrity, diligence, and unwavering dedication to their best interests.

Comprehensive Support:

Our law firm offers a full range of legal services to assist clients in navigating succession law and resolving disputes effectively.


We handle all succession law matters with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, recognizing the sensitivity of these issues.

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