Tanya Sciberras Camilleri


Tanya has been a litigator in the Courts of Malta for thirty years and has a wealth of experience in the workings of the Courts and court procedures. Prior to setting up the firm, she had spent several years as a sole practitioner, after having previously gained invaluable experience as an associate with a number of local firms. She has occupied the post of Independent Member of the Planning Authority Board for five years, and Chairman of the Planning Appeals Board for a further six.  

Tanya is one of a handful of lawyers having expertise in planning law and regulation in Malta and representing clients before the various boards and other entities of the Planning Authority and before the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal. 

Two particular areas of legal work where Tanya has obtained extensive experience are family law, the law of property and commercial drafting. She also assists clients and represents them in the field of property conveyancing.

The area of family law requires a great element of understanding, and several years of practice in the field, and includes the handling of divorce, annulment and separation proceedings and adoptions. Working in the field of child law is also a demanding commitment which goes hand-in-hand with family law.

Tanya has also gained experience over the years in the handling of property claims, and is able to advise clients about the necessary course of action in particular situations and can assist throughout the entire process if the matter ends up before the courts.

She has been appointed by the government on a number of boards of inquiry and has also served as a member of the Social Work Professions Board and the Commission for the Advancement of Women. 

Tanya can be reached on tanya@vallettalegal.com

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