• Benefit from a 50% discount on Trademark and related services with Valletta Services


    • If you have developed a trademark, design, brand name and/or a logo, now it is the time to apply for the registration of your mark or design and enjoy several benefits.

      Currently, the European Commission and the EUIPO have issued a grant scheme to help SMEs in developing their IP strategies and protecting their IP rights at national, or EU level. This scheme offers 50% off your trademark application fees and Valletta Services shall match this offer by giving a 50% reduction on our fees. In other words, it will cost as little as €200 to register your trademark in Malta (for one class) and should you register a European trademark (for one class), this could cost as little as €900.

      Since this scheme is open until the end of September, you are encouraged to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

      We, at Valletta Services, are able to assist you in identifying your intellectual property needs, your eligibility to this scheme and offer you professional advice throughout the process of registering and maintaining your trademark/design

    • Why should you protect your trademark/design?

    • Even though you may not realise it, everyone is exposed to trademarks, logos and designs on a daily basis. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are most often influenced by trademarks and the reputation such trademarks and brands represent. As a matter of fact, trademarks are an efficient commercial communication tool to capture consumers’ attention and make one’s business stand out.

      When consumers view this Intellectual Property, they immediately know who they are dealing with and are less likely to look for alternatives. The mark will assure them of the quality or service level and keeps them loyal to a specific product or service. Trademarks prevent competitors from using a similar or identical name and/or logo. Competitors are dissuaded from using similar or identical names and/or logos since they may be sued and suffer damages for such theft of Intellectual Property.


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