• Intellactual Property

    • Malta Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patent Registration

    • The world of intellectual property stands apart from other legal institutions. The primary markets consist in patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright. As the term implies, all these rights are intellectual in nature and are indeed intangible. The above subcategories are the result of a long traditional search for a balance between the rights in the public domain and the rights granted to their creators as a form of incentive to reveal their creation or invention and continue to pursue such ventures.

      Our Valletta Legal setup is geared to handle all areas related to intellectual property, which also include design, patents, trademarks, as well as EU Community Trademark registration. Our services include research, application, matters of opposition, law enforcement within the law courts, as well as final registration.

      We understand the importance of such intellectual property rights and their increasing relevance in modern societies. Whether our clients may desire to register a patent, trademark or design, license them, or sell the rights attached to them, or whether our clients own copyright over some artistic works or creation, our advocates enjoy the requisite experience to lead and represent them in a professional and proper manner. 

    • Malta Intellectual Property

    • Valletta Legal also offers the service of Intellectual Property Holding Companies (IP Holding Companies). Clients that enjoy large ownership of IP assets can opt to incorporate an IP Holding Company in the Maltese jurisdiction and channel the international income through Malta. With the proper guidance, they may greatly reduce what could be unnecessary tax bills. 

      These are some of the services offered by Valletta Legal in the field of IP Law: 

      1. Community Designs
      2. Collecting Rights Societies
      3. Copyright Issues and Claims
      4. European Patents
      5. European Trademarks
      6. Intellectual Property Licensing
      7. International Intellectual Property Advice
      8. IP Holding Companies
      9. Neighbouring Rights Issues
      10. Non-circumvention Agreements
      11. Non-disclosure Agreements
      12. Patent & Design Registration
      13. Patent Registration and Validation
      14. Public Performance Agreements
      15. Royalty Structures
      16. Trade Secrets
      17. Trademark Registration 
    • Patent Registration in Malta

    • If you are the creator of an invention and wish to benefit from that creativity, a patent will grant you the right to prevent others from replicating your ideas. Should anyone infringe your patent, you are then able to take legal action and seek damages. The Patents Act regulates the registration and safeguard of patents at a national level in Malta. This Act is based on European guidelines and has updated and replaced any previous legislation within this field.

    • Malta trademarks

    • A trademark is intended to protect the various means of identification by which a product or service is distinguished amongst other traders. Trademarks are generally used to identify a particular manufacturer, brand or product, as well as the reputation and goodwill associated with said goods or services.

      A trademark may be composed of an image or a combination of words and images, as well as related symbols, logos or slogans. Establishing a trademark at the early days of your business is essential in order to ensure that all branding is not in conflict with any other registrations.

      Valletta Legal is able to assist you with the relative research and registration of your chosen trademark, offering professional and sound advice at preliminary stages saving you both time and money. It is important to keep in mind that in order to be considered, a trademark must be classified under one or more of the 45 classes available. A sequence of trademarks may also be considered for registration.

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