• Malta Online Gaming Law and Licensing 

    • As of April 2004, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has put Remote Gaming Regulations into force. Through this system, the Maltese government is able to safeguard gaming rights by offering player protection, limit excessive bureaucracy and, in turn, further enhance the Island’s reputation as a reliable jurisdiction in which to apply for a gaming license in Malta. This single legislative body is responsible for regulating casino gaming, remote faming, commercial bingo and communication games and sports betting.

    • Setting up online gaming in Malta

    • Operators interested in obtaining a Malta gaming license are required to undergo a thorough application process through which applicants are requested to submit detailed documentation and information regarding their proposed operations in Malta. After all necessary documentation is compiled, applications are reviewed and scrutinised by the Island’s Regulator, the MGA.

    • Obtaining a Gaming License in Malta 

    • Prior to submitting their gaming license application, operators are required to undergo a pre-application screening carried out directly by the MGA, whose role is to ensure that all applications are presented in the correct manner, and that all key requirements are satisfied prior to submission. Albeit appearing cumbersome, this process is essential so as to facilitate the licensing process by ensuring that all required information is collected and compiled in a correct manner, eventually speeding up the application process. 

    • Assessing your Malta Gaming License Application 

    • A harmonised, single-stage application process has been introduced by the MGA as of June 2011, whereby all operators are assessed as to whether:

      1. Their business strategy is sound
      2. They are able to pass the “fit and proper” test carried out by the LGA in order to conduct business in online gaming
      3. Their technical environment is in full compliance to what has been applied for before going live
      4. Their statutory and operational requirements meet the legal obligations imposed by Maltese Law 
    • Online Gaming support services in Malta

    • Join the extensive list of companies that enjoy the fiscal, logistical, practical, and other benefits derived from incorporation in the Maltese Jurisdiction. Valletta Legal can tackle your requirements and assist you step by step through the entire process of incorporation, licensing, establishment, and integration of your online gaming operation in Malta. It can further assist you in property conveyance matters and setting up residence in Malta

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    • Gaming and Betting Legislation in Malta 

    • By incorporating it in the Maltese Jurisdiction, your company may save exorbitant amounts on tax, employment, and expenditure bills. It will further benefit from the fiscal incentives offered by the Government of Malta to companies in the Gaming industry, and obtain a competitive advantage by making use of the diverse incorporation and employment aids. Valletta Legal can also advise gaming companies about residence schemes available to persons intending to incorporate gaming companies in the Maltese Jurisdiction.