• The Malta Permanent Residence Scheme  

    • As of 1998, the Malta Permanent Residence Scheme was created with the intention of attracting high net-worth individuals to adopt permanent residency in Malta. This scheme is generally aimed towards international consultants and intellectuals, authors, entrepreneurs, retirees, and other individuals interested in establishing an alternate residence to match their current tax profile and lifestyle.  

    • Applying for residence permits in Malta  

    • Valletta Legal is equipped with the legal, fiscal and logistical knowledge to be able to assist our clients with the entire process required to apply for VISAs, residence permits and also work permits, subject to the necessary criteria that our clients are of good conduct and satisfy all the requirements imposed by law and policies adopted from time to time by the Maltese Government.

      Our legal team is able to assist you through any of the following processes:

      1. Citizenship 
      2. Domiciliation
      3. Expatriate Residence Schemes
      4. Expatriate Taxation
      5. Expatriate Work Permits
      6. Fiscal Incentives to Establish Residence in Malta
      7. Immigration Law
      8. Long Term Resident Permits
      9. Ordinary Residence
      10. Permanent Residence Schemes
      11. QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme)
      12. Work Permit Application
      13. VISA Applications
    • Living in Malta  

    • The Malta Permanent Residence Scheme ranks highly amongst similar international opportunities and is best suited to individuals who are interested in transferring their tax residence to a more attractive jurisdiction, which enjoys a fantastic climate and a superb standard of living, political stability, as well as being affordable and tax efficient. In this regard, Malta ticks all of the boxes placing it at the forefront to those who would like to relocate to a more attractive permanent residence jurisdiction of high repute.  

    • Citizenship in Malta: Financial Eligibility  

    • All permanent residents will benefit from the following after having satisfied the established financial qualification criteria: 

      • Increased lower annual tax liability
      • No inheritance tax applicable
      • No minimum investment requirements
      •  A declaration of wealth is not necessary
      • No minimum stay required
      • No need to purchase property, as rent is also acceptable
      • No wealth tax applicable
      • Tax is only paid on income transferred and kept in Malta
    • New Malta Permanent Residence Scheme  

    • Between 1988 and 2010, new applications under the Permanent Residence Scheme were received, and any existing PR permits remained as long as they remained compliant with the latest updates. New PR applications must fall under one of the following two categories as outlined in the HNWI Residence Rules of 2011. These include separate applications for European and non-European nationals, as well as specialised permits for nationals of Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway.  

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