• Culture & Arts  

    • Our firm's involvement in this area of law stems also from the keen interest which most of our lawyers have in culture and the arts.  We offer advice on the following:  
      1. Artistic Director Agreements 
      2. Arts Executive Agreements 
      3. Artist Management Agreements
      4. Artist Representation
      5. Broadcasting Rights Issues
      6. Concert Technical Agreements
      7. Entertainment Contracts
      8. Foundations
      9. Intellectual Property Issues
      10. Lease Agreements of Works of Arts
      11. Licensing Agreements
      12. Performing Rights Issues and Agreements
      13. Sponsorship and Advertising Agreements
      14. Venue Leasing Agreements 

      Cultural Heritage and the Arts are constantly gaining importance in a world that places ever more value on such assets. Governments, museums, cultural foundations and individuals pride themselves on the possession of works of art. They utilise a country or region's culture and artistic history to attract tourism and investment and receive income from art displays, performances and leasing out of works of art. 

      Specific legislation is regularly incorporated into legal systems to ensure preservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage and the Arts. Hence, Government Authorities, Foundations, Cultural Festival promoters or individual owners of fine arts often require the assistance and guidance of advocates who enjoy the requisite experience and knowledge about this intricate and burdensome genre of law. 

      At Valletta Legal our lawyers enjoy the necessary qualities and experience in the above fields of law. They understand the relation between the law of obligations, cultural heritage law and intellectual property legislation, and are regularly engaged by relevant authorities, foundations and individuals for consultation, representation and contract negotiation in legal matters involving Cultural Heritage and the Arts. 

      Valletta Legal has represented a number of Government authorities and private institutions in several issues regarding Cultural Heritage and the Arts. The competent lawyers dealing with such matters guide and assist our clients in a wide spectrum of issues both directly related to Cultural Heritage and the Arts as well as matters of incidental importance, such as drafting and concluding tenders and calls for applications; drafting and negotiating a diverse array of agreements; and the provision of legal advice to clients when applying for EU and local funding.

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