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    • Valletta Yachting is a joint venture between Valletta Legal and Malta Yachting, a company specialising in a vast range of yachting and maritime services.

      This joint venture brings the necessary expertise required for the provision of a multitude of maritime services under one roof and aims to offer an outstanding service to yacht and ship owners, both private and commercial, by covering all aspects of yacht ownership from yacht and ship registration to logistical support, maritime dispute resolution, legal and fiscal consultancy as well as conveyancing and brokerage.Valletta Legal and Malta Yachting have joined forces to offer a one-stop-shop solution for legal, corporate, maritime, logistical and operations servicers with respect to maritime matters. 

      Our new web protal www.vallettayachting.com is currently being developed and should be launched by April 2019.

  • January 2019

    • We are currently seeking to employ a lawyer to work on a full time basis. Apart from other matters, the successful applicant will be directly involved in the field of property law and the examination of root of titles of immovable property.

      The selected individual will also be responsible to assist and represent clients on public deeds and interact with..

  •  October 2018 

    • The Maltese Individual Investor Programme that incentivises High Net-worth foreigners to obtain Maltese citizenship is available to a very wide spectrum of persons.

      However, in view of international sanctions and other security related restrictions, this Programme has some restrictions. Primarily the restriction is applicable to nationals of:......

  •  October 2018 

    • The government has announced its intention to modify Malta Residence and Visa programme rules (MRVP). These changes among others concern the term “qualifying investment”. In particular, starting from the 1st September 2018 the applicant is entitled to invest in any debt or equity securities listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.......

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    • In recent years many countries have initiated programmes allowing high net-worth individuals to acquire citizenship by means of investment. Certainly, one cannot deny that this process has been influenced by destabilization of certain regions, globalisation and migration for reasons of stability, prosperity and other personal reasons or financial reasons that such persons may have.

      Since both Malta and Cyprus are relatively similar in nature, being two islands in the sunny Mediterranean Sea, being predominantly English speaking, having similar Mediterranean cultures and offering similar lifestyle, the scope of this article has been restricted to the comparison of the relevant Maltese and Cypriot citizenship for investment programmes.

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    • Valletta Legal has updated its Ship registration and martime information leaflet that contains matter dealing with:
      1. Malta being a prominent maritime hub; 
      2. Advantages of flying the Malta flag; 
      3. Eligibility for registration; & 
      4. Registration as a commercial Yacht.
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      To download the document in Russian kindly click here.


    September 2018

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