• Malta International Trade 

    • We understand the complex nature of international trade and business contracts, particularly, the fact that such work is not merely a matter of drafting an agreement or representing a client on a deal, but it is more about advising and assisting the client, and keeping in mind the fiscal and international aspects of a commercial venture or contractual negotiation.
      Such contracts could include non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreements, commercial leases, sourcing finance and investment, joint venture agreements and matters in relation to employment.

      The textbook definition of International Trade includes the exchange of services or goods between different countries. This sort of trade allows for the rise of world economy, whereby supply and demand, as well as prices, impact and are impacted by global events. Traditionally, global trading allows countries and consumers the valuable opportunity to have direct access to goods and services that were otherwise not available in their own country. To date, almost every product or service may be acquired via the international market. A product that is sold to the global market is regarded as an export, whereas a product or service that is purchased from the said global market constitutes an import.

    • Malta Trading Companies  

    • A Malta company may be used to perform invoicing and re-invoicing of services and goods, as well as to receive any trading commissions between any two countries.

      To this end, Malta trading companies are able to provide services such as accounting, labour provision, sales and marketing endeavours, intermediation, commission agency and client referrals amongst others. They are in a position to employ expat staff members, who will benefit from the double tax treaty provisions in place by paying their social security and income tax directly in Malta at favourable rates compared to the ones paid in their first country of residence.

      By doing so, profits generated by the Malta trading company entitle shareholders to a tax refund upon distribution of dividends, with the ultimate tax exposure on active trading amounting to a fraction of the original amount.  

    • Malta International Company Law 

    • An International Trading Company, often referred to as an ITC, is an onshore company that pays tax at the normal global tax rate of 35 per cent, which is eventually reduced to the effective tax rate of 4.17% for non-resident shareholders, which also takes into consideration the confidentiality of beneficial ownership.

      As of 2007, refund benefits have been extended to involved shareholders and trading restrictions in Malta have been lifted.  

    • Professional advice on Malta International Trade  

    • In this area, Valletta Legal is able to assist you with the following services and related advice:

      1. Aviation Agreements and Registration 
      2. Building Contracts
      3. Commercial Contracts
      4. Commercial Leasing Agreements
      5. Construction Contracts
      6. Debt Collection
      7. Employment Contracts
      8. Financing Agreements and Assistance
      9. Franchising
      10. Insurance Agreements
      11. International Financing
      12. International Sale of Goods
      13. Joint Venture Agreements
      14. Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreements
      15. Shipping Contracts 
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