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  • Setting up a Trust in Malta  

    • Maltese legislation provides for a large number of Trust and foundations intended for various purposes. The legislative approach to the introduction of the Trust, and the manner in which it is regulated in Malta, have both ensured its proper and successful incorporation into the local system under the Trustees Act Malta.  

       To many, a Trust serves as a valuable tool for both local and foreign entities. While foreigners are more likely to make use of a Trust for purposes of drawing fiscal advantages, Maltese residents tend to utilise Trust for the specific fiduciary and confidentiality element.

    • Fiduciary Services in Malta  

    • Valletta Trustees Ltd is established in Malta and is duly licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Thanks to this same licence, we are able to offer a vast range of trustee and fiduciary services in Malta to both local and international clients alike.  

      Irrespective of the nature of the representation or consultancy, our main objective is to provide clients interested in setting up a Trust in Malta with dedicated and resourceful solutions. We also believe in offering each and every client the personal attention they deserve by keeping them informed with any updates related to the development of their project or case.

      We invite you to browse through the Services section of our website for a more in-depth assessment of the ways in which we may assist you to set up a Trust in Malta.

      For further information, kindly contact us in order to arrange for a meeting.

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