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  • Valletta Services: Your business support in Malta  

    • Valletta Services Ltd is our general services organisation that works in synch with our law firm and trustee company in a holistic manner in order to offer a one-stop-shop approach for legal, advisory, and corporate services in Malta.  

      Thanks to this set-up, clients are able to avoid visiting the various authorities and service providers involved, and entrust the compilation and follow up of all applications, forms, or other requirements to us.

      Whether you require opening a bank account, registering your business with the fiscal authorities in Malta, applying for a remote gaming license with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), seeking to obtain residency, or are interested in relocating to our shores, we are able to handle all interactions with third parties on your behalf.

      The idea behind setting up a services company was in fact to bring all the various ancillary services required in the fields of financial services, whilst maintaining a comprehensive and thorough service that is in line with international clients who have chosen Malta as their preferred jurisdiction.

    • Business Support Services in Malta  

    • At Valletta Legal we believe in maintaining a level of excellence throughout all our operations. For this reason we apply the same principles in all aspects of our legal, corporate, and advisory services in Malta.

      Our practice spans across a vast range of legal, fiduciary, tax, and accounting services. We believe that strength comes in numbers and for this reason collaborate with a number of professionals, each specialised in their various sectors. This multi-disciplinary approach generally results in an extended learning experience and yields better results.

      Along the years, Valletta Legal has garnered an extensive reputation and today we service a broad spectrum of clients that range from high net worth individuals and their families, to financial institutions and corporations amongst others. 

      We invite you to browse through our comprehensive list of services. Should you require any further information, we invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting. 


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